Content Quality in E-Commerce! What is it?


Content quality is an opportunity for a customer to efficiently, i.e. without additional time and effort, make a decision to buy your product online!

Top 5 Signs of Quality Content in E-Commerce!

Sign #1

Technically correct content!

Are there technical standards for content in online commerce? Yes, they are already there!

Images, texts, videos, as well as postings in categories and filters, all must comply with these standards. These standards are not accidental! With the help of modern technical means, they allow the customer to quickly, conveniently see and read what you want to show or tell him!

Technical viewers: phones, computers, are changing! With them the technical standards of content in e-commerce!!! This should be monitored constantly, and the content should be kept up to date with the technical level.

 Unfortunately, there is still no clear codification of these standards. The industry is too young, everything is changing rapidly. But believe me – these standards definitely exist!

Sometimes the product is still good, but the technical requirements for the content have changed … Competitors have pulled up, but you have not – sales have stopped!

Sign #2

In the pictures – the product, on the video – the product, in the description – about the product!

E-commerce provides much more opportunities for communication with the customer than offline store! And it sometimes plays a cruel joke with content creators. There is a lot of creativity, a lot of thoughts, sometimes a lot of time… And if there is also funding… Then everything often goes completely wrong!

In e-commerce, content can provide a lot of information! But remember what you are selling! And that’s what the content should be about! You can also, for example, tell about the manufacturer and the brand, you can do everything, but only if this information allows you to improve the quality of the content! This means that it increases the likelihood of a positive decision by the customer, and at the same time reduces or at least does not increase the costs of the customer for making a decision!

Having made the content, make sure once again that the pictures are of the product, and not something else, that your video shows the product, and not a nice employee, that you are writing about the product, and not philosophizing about life … Everything seems to be obvious! But check your content! I think you yourself will be surprised at what you find there!

Sign #3

The customer finds the product where he is looking for it!

In order to buy your product, the customer must find it! There are many different technologies on how to lead a customer to a product!! And now we are not talking about online advertising – we will devote a separate story to this, but about content!

From a content point of view, there are 2 issues worth paying attention to:

  1. The location of your product on the online resource, namely the categories in which it is located and the filters by which the buyer “filters” it. If the customer was able to intuitively find your product in the resource, then, believe me, you saved him a lot of energy, and in gratitude for this – “ta-ta” – the purchase of your product becomes a reality!
  2. Search words by which your product can be found in e-commerce recourse and in global search. If you use a professional universal e-commerce resource, such as a marketplace, then it will solve the question of search words for you! If you have your own resource – your own online store – this is a separate task that should be given special attention! And there are professional good solutions to this problem that you can buy! Pay attention to them! It is important! As for the global search, then professional consultants will immediately “feed” you with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Be careful with this! This is a professional fight between amateurs and professionals, i.e. with the market leader Google! Our recommendation here is: don’t rush to hire CEOs. It is difficult and rarely effective. Read Google’s content requirements! Watch for changes to these requirements as well – this is important. They can and do change quite often. Google does not hide anything from anyone, but it also does not allow itself to be strongly manipulated. Any CEO will tell you this! Follow these requirements – this will allow you to take the right place in the global search! Google plays for itself, i.e. against large ones, i.e. for you! Remember this!

Sign #4

Understandable Language and Terms!

Use only the language EVERYONE speaks in your content! Everywhere! In the names of sites, brands, products, SKUs, etc. etc.! A minimum of special terms in the content! Better without them at all! All this instills horror and distrust in your customers and does not lead to the purchase of your product!

We all often become “professional idiots” if we have been doing something for a long time, with love and persistence! In the content, this is reflected in the use of terms and foreign languages ​​where the average customer not only does not expect to see them, but even with all his desire is not able to understand or decipher them! You are used to it, and so are your colleagues. It seems to you that everything is clear, obvious, smart and beautiful! This is not true!

Sign #5

From the main to the secondary.

In text, in pictures, in video – everywhere, start to present and show from the main and essential! Time is the main value in this life! If a customer is considering your product, give him the opportunity to make a decision as soon as possible! Put yourself in his place, structure all the information according to the degree of importance to the consumer, and present it this way!

And the question to fill in: is it worth starting content with a price?

We wish all of us success and correct prices in the new reality!

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