Online product advertising.

Therefore, there are 4 important principles of effective online product advertising!


The most expensive advertising is online advertising. Not for nothing, such companies as Google and Facebook are among of the most expensive companies in the world, and their main income is advertising!

Principle #1.

Broad inquiries, as well as advertising to a wide audience, are tools of the big ones!

The cheapest online advertising is advertising that is aimed in one way or another at a wide audience! In search advertising, this is called “broad search terms”.

For example, if you have clothing stores or a clothing brand, and you direct your advertising to everyone who wants to buy clothes! Such advertising is inexpensive, and after some time you will somehow manage to make it good, and as a result people will run to you – wherever you indicate in your advertisement.

The only problem is that everyone who wants to buy clothes is only theoretically your customers. In fact, they “just want to see.” They do not want to actively buy now, or your specific product. The conversion of this traffic, and this is ratio of the number of purchases to the number of respondents to your ad, will be very low!

Therefore, if you are not ready to offer the maximum choice to your potential customer, and you are not sure that right now is the time to buy this for everyone, avoid widespread advertising!

Broad advertising is a tool of “Big” – large online projects! And even they use it very carefully!

Principle # 2.

Advertise what your competitors don’t have!

The online market differs from the offline market by the transparency of information!

If you advertise a product in your offline store, which is also in other stores, then the buyers will most likely buy it there – they are already in your store or are coming there for some reason.

In a similar situation in online advertising, the likelihood of buying this product in your store is much lower, because looking for the same product in other online stores for better conditions or a better price, well, it’s very simple!

Therefore, try to advertise what others do not have! It can be either a unique product, or some unique way of selling it, logistics, etc.! Then, if the ad works, you have a much better chance of converting your ad costs into profit!

Principle #3.

Never rush!

This principle applies not only to online advertising of a product, but also to all online advertising. But we decided to bring it here anyway, because it is very important!

Online is a complex, expensive and actually very efficient machine, “smart” if you like!

Therefore, do not rush to do the following:

  1. Launch an advertisement if you are not convinced that everything works for you: product, landing, prices, content, etc.
  2. Stop advertising, change its settings, even if it seems to you that it does not work. It learns, one way or another, as an option it can be slowed down, for example. It is important to figure out what is wrong while it is still working.

Working with advertising on the Internet is a very subtle and, in fact, very expensive and effective mechanism!

Don’t just pull the levers! You are just wasting money!

Principle #4.

Advertising content is an online advertising engine!

And this principle, which again applies not only to online advertising of goods, but also to all online advertising. And again, it is so important and critical that we decided to put it here.

For the effectiveness of online advertising, it is important to get into your target audience as accurately as possible – into those buyers who at that very moment would like to buy your product!

It is advertising content that is used in online advertising to find your target audience! This is a completely unique online advertising mechanism that sets it apart from all other advertising channels and makes online advertising so effective!

Making the right advertising content: pictures, videos, texts – this is the only key to its effectiveness in online advertising! Only! Everything else is technique!

Creativity and concentration for all of us in a new reality!

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