Order Fulfillment and Online Delivery – a Simple Difficulty!

4 mistakes you shouldn't make!


Mistake # 1

You pack the order for shipment in dirty, low-quality packaging, as a rule from some other product – “from waste”!

Packaging and shipping of goods is your physical communication with the customer! In addition to the product, the customer physically perceives you only (!) through the way it is packaged! If it is dirty, crooked, oblique, unreliable or somehow wrong, then be sure that next time the customer will consider not to buy from you!

Mistake # 2

You try to send everything quickly, preferably the same day, even better in an hour, but you don’t have time!

Take your time «festina lente» – it is important to be accurate and predictable, not fast and irresponsible!

A shopper who buys online is ready to wait. And here it is important to indicate those terms that are real for you! Don’t write what you can’t. Embellishing your capabilities may lead to a long-awaited click, but in the end it will result in a scandal and disappointment of the customer – after all, he believed you! And certainly not to the positive either in relation to your product or to you!

The customer is guided by the terms that you specify in your content, and, of course, no one is ready to wait for a very long time. Fact! But! Respect yourself, your customer and your product! And if you have a really good product, you can explain it online with your content, and you are honest in assessing your capabilities, then they will appreciate it, and your product will definitely wait – this is 100%!

Mistake # 3

It is necessary to send with this particular delivery service – this is what the customer wants!

There is normally more than one delivery service everywhere! Compare and choose! If you don’t think so, then you either do not look around, or have become a victim of active advertising!

Customer doesn’t want courier service; customer wants your product! The delivery service wants you and the customer to believe that they are the key in your relationship. Shipping is important! But it should be convenient for you and the customer, and as cheap as possible! You – the sender – this is first of all your choice, especially since it is often you who pay for the delivery! It is important for the customer to receive your product when and how it is convenient for him! And there are definitely more than one such good services!

Save both your money and the money of your customers!

Mistake # 4

I don’t know how much it costs me… To pack and ship this order.

Good warehouse operations and good shipping are important and expensive! This is the work of people in the warehouse, and the cost of the delivery service, and the cost of interacting with it, and…, and…, and… This is not the simplest formula – yes, it’s true! But this is a significant component of your costs!

Consider and calculate your Fulfillment and Delivery costs. There is often hidden the profit that many people lack in e-commerce!

Calm and inspiration in a new reality for all of us!

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