Requirements for modern online storefronts

5 «must» online stores in 2020


Must #1.

Should work fast! Display information almost instantly!

In modern technologies, any online store is a relatively simple mechanism for managing relatively simple content. It just can’t be slow! If your online store in any way, in whole or in some of its individual elements, works slowly, then you are actually “out of the game”.

There can be several reasons for a slow online store! The most common ones are:

  1. You accidentally chose the wrong software solution!
  2. By some miracle you found a non-professional provider!
  3. Out of inexperience, you have overloaded your online storefront with complex content!

A slow online storefront is a real problem and needs to be addressed quickly.

It should be solved from the bottom up. Content-provider-software solution!

Must #2.

Should work WELL on mobile devices!

2020 over 40% of online purchases were made from mobile devices, and this number is growing every year!

Your online store must work adequately and completely on mobile devices!

Old software solutions may not do this – it’s true! Change them to new ones faster. This task today is relatively simple and inexpensive!

Having changed or already using a new software solution with the corresponding functionality, make sure that everything works as it should! There are actually a lot of nuances, both with the software product and with the content.

Even if you are doing well with this, then “drive” your online store on your mobile at your leisure! Is everything in place? Did you manage to do and see everything?

Must #3.

Should allow you to buy a product!

In order for a customer to buy a product, the online store must have the following elements:

  1. Buy button where the buyer can find it;
  2. Product price;
  3. Adequate explanation of how you deliver the goods;
  4. Possibility of payment for the goods.

As obvious as this list is, check out your online store and a couple more! It’s not the fact that you will find all these elements there!

Must #4.

Should help you find a product!

If your online store has more than 50 positions, then you definitely need a working “Search”, as well as filters and sorting!

What is a working “Search@? Everyone has seen how Google “Search” works – this is the standard of how online search works. It is very difficult and expensive! Do not try to do this – in the best case, you will spend a lot of time and money and get something that looks like it will seem to you.

In fact, e-commerce has its own understanding of “working search” – if the customer correctly and in the correct language entered into the “Search” something explicit from your content, then he should almost instantly begin to receive goods that match what he contributed …

This task is much easier than what Google is doing, but even here not everything is so obvious and simple!

We recommend to all our clients and partners to purchase an appropriate professional software solution – this is the most effective way.

Filters and Sorts are relatively inexpensive, but very effective! Pay attention to the market leaders, how they all set up and work. You can’t even imagine how this tool raises conversion! Factor of! And pay attention to your web site? Is it really there? Does it work correctly?

Must #5.

Give an opportunity for feedback! But do not impose!

Looking at your product in your online store, your customers may feel an irresistible desire to communicate with you. It is important to remember the following rule: The buyer comes to ANY store first of all for the goods, and not to communicate! If the buyer wants to communicate with you, then something is wrong with your online presence or your product in this particular case!

But the world is not perfect! And it happens and, most likely, will continue!

Therefore, the feeling that your customer can easily and conveniently get in touch with you is important! So he feels more confident – because he knows for sure that the world is not perfect!

The communication mechanism depends on your target audience: somewhere it is a phone or similar, somewhere a feedback form or chat, somewhere it is a mechanism for comments on a product! Depending on your target audience, you need an optimal mix of several mechanisms. Finding this right “mix”, managing it correctly – all this requires special attention!

At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to impose communication on the customer on the web! Jumping chats, calls to call and chat with your professional consultants, etc. – must be really necessary for the sale right now and exactly your product. Our experience is this – it’s all bad and says that you do not know how to work with content and do not value your customers. We strongly discourage our clients from using these or similar tools in e-commerce!

Good luck and pleasant communication to all of us in the new reality!

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