The Magic of E-commerce Content.

6 Basic Rules


Rule #1.

Content is part of the product!

Persons who directly and deeply understand the product should be involved in the content production and motivated to make it properly.

The perfect illusion to think that someone who has never seen or touched your product, has not figured it out, will now do “hocus-pocus” and will make you high-quality content! It’s impossible!

Rule #2.

Content is all online information about a product during the purchase process!

All, all information! Everyone, of course, remembers pictures, videos and text. What else? These are also the places where your product is sold, as well as categories in which your product is displayed, as well as all filters by which you can find it there, as well as reviews about your product, your re-sellers and your service!

All this information is CONTENT!

Rule #3.

Content should be neither more nor less!

Little content is bad! A lot of content is bad!

If there is not enough content, then the customer does not have enough information to make a decision, and as a result, he does not make any decision, i.e. actually decides against the product! But this, as a rule, is clear to everyone!

Could it be that there is too much content? Never too much of a good thing… In fact, the question is not in the amount of content, but in its quality! It’s expensive to make quality content! It is difficult and expensive to make a lot of high-quality content, and a lot of low-quality content leads to the fact that the customer, under the piles of some pictures, some text and video, does not find what he needs to make a decision to purchase this product!

Therefore, the rules are as follows:

  • A) First of all, pay attention to the quality, not the quantity of content! Less is better!
  • B) The cheaper the product, the less content it needs, and the simpler it should be! For a relatively cheap product, the customer spends less time making a decision! Even just the size of the text block, the list of pictures, and the presence of a video can scare him off if it doesn’t cost a lot of money! Well, the more expensive the product, the more content should be, it should be both more diverse and voluminous!

Rule #4. 

Content is not advertising!

Less slogans and calls, more information!

If the customer looks at your product online, then something has already worked out, he considers your product as an opportunity for purchase. At this point, the customer is trying to figure out what he is paying money for. He needs correct and positive information in sufficient quantity! Attempts at this moment to convince someone of something or to teach something, or, God forbid, to embellish something significantly, lead to the fact that the purchase does not take place – this is at best, or the goods will be returned to you later – at worst!

Rule #5.

The first impression is critical!

Pay special attention to the first photo, first phrases, key categories and filters! These are the components of the content – your first contact with the customer! If you lose here, then the chances of winning as a result – to sell – are significantly reduced! All “firsts” must be verified and verified! Pay special attention to this!

Rule #6.

The quality of content is the quality of the product, its re-seller and manufacturer!

Content quality is critical! High-quality photos, videos, literate texts, neatly written – all this gives the consumer a feeling of the quality of both the product and its manufacturer!

There is an opinion that the quality of a product is judged by reviews! Reviews are important – it’s true! But it is completely unacceptable to rely only on reviews. All factors affect the perception of the buyer! All content is your face!

The principle is as follows. Make quality content! As high quality as your capabilities and understanding allow! Here you can save neither time nor energy, go back to what you have already done, improve it! There is definitely no limit to perfection!

Content quality is, of course, a very voluminous separate topic! What is content quality specifically, how to understand or evaluate it? Who, how and where can help make quality content? Critical, complex and voluminous questions. Each of them! That is why there will be a separate post on this topic in the very near future! Follow us!

Good luck and inspiration to everyone in the new reality!

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